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We had been talking about getting married eventually, waiting for the right time financially. We both knew we were in this for the long haul and didn’t see ourselves ever being apart. He got our friends and families together to go karaoking, which was not out of the ordinary for all of us to go. He had been talking about wanting to try and sing our song but it was so new he didn’t know if the DJ would have it. (The DJ had know about his plan for weeks, and actually is our DJ/minister for the wedding). Our song is ‘Say You Won’t Let Go,’ by James Arthur. Throughout the night we hadn’t talked much because we both were socializing with everyone, I thought nothing of it. He was avoiding me nervously the whole night!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Karaoke bar

Once the rest of his family got there he went up to sing and our some came on. After encouragement from everyone I sat front row and recorded him. I record him singing most of the time. He got to the one part in the song that says “You were always there when I needed you the most,” which is when he got choked up and I walked up to him. He got choked up because I was there for him when his dad passed away, three days after we starting texting. Shortly after I walked up to him that’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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