Stephanie and Collin

How We Met: Collin and I met in our college algebra class in January of 2012 at the University of Arkansas. We sat right next to each other in class and we ended up in the same project group! We exchanged numbers for the group project purposes and we were just classmates for the first few months of class.  It wasn’t until he asked me to go to his fraternity’s function that weekend that the idea of becoming more than classmates came alive!  We had a blast at the function and starting dating immediately after.  Less than a month later he asked me to be his girlfriend on the back of a riverboat in St. Louis at his fraternity’s formal!

A picture of us a month after we got engaged – we revisited the classroom where we met :)



how they asked: Before I tell you about how they asked I’ll tell you a little backstory!  We had both been busy traveling all summer with little time in between trips to see each other.  So we made a pact that we would take a trip to the lake just us before summer ended.  The Sunday I arrived home we saw each other and agreed we would take a quick trip to the lake after work on Tuesday.  (Collin didn’t decide until lunch time on Monday that this is when he would propose!)

Monday night I was stricken with terrible food poisoning.  Collin came to my rescue with sprite, crackers, and gatorade. He made multiple trips to the store and held my hair when I was sick – it made for a rough Monday night to say the least! (and he definitely saw me at my worst!) The next day I recovered and Collin and I went back and forth on if we should still go to the lake – we decided we would meet at the marina after work.  So I packed up a cooler, put on my swimsuit and mustered up the strength to go!  We met at the marina and Collin and I drove out to a cozy little cove in the lake.

On the way Collin shared some sweet words with me (I didn’t suspect anything because he is always saying sweet things to me!)  When we arrived at the cove Collin let down the anchor, told me he had a surprise for me, planted me at the front of the boat and asked me not to turn around.  I heard him rummaging around and was curious as to what he was doing.


He told me to turn around and when I did I saw the love of my life down on one knee with a ring in one hand and a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the other! He asked me to marry him and with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat I said YES!