Stephanie and Cody

How We Met

It all started eight years ago at a backyard house party for a bunch of 18 year olds… Stephanie’s best friend Lauren was dating Cody’s best friend Ryan (have we lost you yet?!) so Lauren invited Stephanie along. Once they met Stephanie knew that Cody was going to be in her life for a long time. Both were dating people so it started as a friendship and throughout the years they became super close. They set each other up on dates, had heart to heart conversations about life & dating, but never realized they had feelings for each other. Until a mutual friend, Matt, sat Stephanie down during one of their nightly talks and laid it all out for her to realize she had feelings for Cody all along. So when Cody asked Stephanie to drive to his college house one night about an hour away she went. They started a conversation about life and love which turned into him asking her if she had feelings for him which made her finally say yes. Once they decided to take their friendship to another level, everyone in their lives said FINALLY!

Image 1 of Stephanie and Cody

Image 2 of Stephanie and Cody

how they asked

After being together for five years the pressure was on, not to mention Stephanie is a makeup artist specializing in bridal so everyone expected the big day to be amazing (no pressure for Cody!) So during a family vacation over the Christmas holiday to Crested Butte, Colorado Cody planned the perfect proposal. He had arranged for the family to go on a snow mobiling tour – including Stephanie’s grandmother Opal that is 89 years old – when we arrived the snow was coming down very hard & it was super cold. That made Stephanie nervous for Opal to go on the 2 hour long tour and she begged Opal to go back to the hotel with her. Opal (knowing all along the plan) protested and told Stephanie they were going snow moiling whether she liked it or not. So snow moiling we went! Along the trials there were photographers and at one stop the tour guide asked us to all get off the bikes and take pictures. While we were taking helmets off and preparing Stephanie didn’t realize the rest of our group had gone ahead. When she turned around Cody was giving her a box saying it was an early Christmas present. When she opened it, it was a photo box filled with beautiful pictures of their 8 year friendship and sweet words. She then turned the last page showing a picture of Cody with Grammy sharing he had asked her permission days earlier. When her eyes filled with tears, he knelt to the ground and asked her to be with him forever. Image 3 of Stephanie and Cody

Image 4 of Stephanie and Cody