Stephanie and Christopher

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How We Met

Christopher and I met summer of 2015. My best friend invited me to a baby shower of a mutual friend. At first I was a little hesitate about going, but she convinced me and I did. I met Chris and a few other people with a simple hello and introduction, didn’t really think that obne day he would soon be my fiance. A week goes by and I received a new friend from instagram and it happened to be Chris. A day or two later he sends me a DM with a picture saying “call me” lol I thought it was a little weird seeing that I only met him once, but what the heck, right!? so I did and we casually talked on the phone for an hour or two. the conversation just flowed like we have been friends for years. Chris and I dated for a few months before making it official in November of 2015. He gave me a promise ring beginning of January 2016 making a promise to god,myself ,and my family that I would one day become his wife. Chris is such a loving and gentle soul I loved the way he cared not only me, but my son he took him in as if he was his own. Summer of 2016 Chris and I received the best news that we were expecting a little boy. That solidify everything! our little family was growing and we couldn’t be more ecstatic.

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how they asked

2.5 months ago we welcomed a baby boy! with a now a new bundle and 4 year old in the house finding the time to just have some one on one conversation can be a little rough lol, but on a random Wednesday night he tells me that we are going to dinner and my mom will be watching the boys for us Thursday. I was immediately excited, because we needed a little date night. Thursday rolls around, he decided to take me to 9 mile station which is on top of ponce city market. the restaurant over looks the city ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. perfect time of evening right before the sun set. I noticed he was on his phone a lot (draft night) so I figured it was him discussing it with his friends, I didn’t want to make a big deal, but in my head I was (haha) our waiter seats us, Chris excused himself from the table to wash his hands. I started to have a conversation with the waiter about the restaurant and as we are talking I feel something to the left of me and IT’S MY GIRLFRIENDS HOLDING UP THEIR PHONES and Chris is front of them holding this black initial reaction was “WHAT” I literally said what out loud and then everything started piecing together I started to nervously laugh and then cry. he got on one knee and asked if I would “marry him” of course I said YES! what I thought was a casual date night turned into the day I got engaged.

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