Stephanie and Christopher

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How We Met

Unbeknownst to Stephanie and I, we had gone to the same High School only 2 years apart, and even had many mutual friends. Despite all the missed connections we had over the course of seven years, we eventually found each other on a dating website; that’s right, though physically only a few miles apart from each other, we met on the world wide web. There were countless times that our chance at meeting was separated by only a few hours. Stephanie’s good friend, Olivia, is married to my good friend Kyle; sometimes I would go out with these friends on a Friday night, and Stephanie would meet up with them the following day for lunch. They would tell stories about what a great time she missed the night prior, and even mention things that I said or did, yet none of our friends thought to introduce us.

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Of course, once we met and learned of all our missed connections it was obvious that fate had brought us together at the right time.

how they asked

For about eight months I tried to plan out how I would propose to her, but each time I had an idea, Stephanie inadvertently shot it down. Whether I suggested a vacation or a local outing, something continuously happened that prevented me from popping the question. One day I convinced Stephanie to film a short, Harry Potter themed video, that I could use Adobe After Effects to edit some magic into. When I saw how much Stephanie actually enjoyed the filming process, it hit me! Her parents had asked us if we wanted to join them on a week-long vacation to the Outer Banks with her entire family; I told her we would film another video while we were down on vacation, and that her whole family could film simultaneously from different angles so we wouldn’t have to stop filming to move the camera ourselves. She thought this was a great, and really convenient idea, and so the plan was hatched.

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(The only thing I told her was that we were going to film a Harry Potter Wand Battle, and that she was going to knock me down. But the surprise came when getting back up, I stopped on one knee. A huge credit goes to Stephanie’s father who, though never looking at his phone once, recorded the proposal perfectly in-frame, with the steadiest of hands. Many more thanks to her whole family; those who knew a proposal was coming and kept it a secret, and those who helped capture every angle possible.

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