Stephanie and Christian

How We Met: Once in an ordinary life, something extraordinary happened….in a club. May 23, 2009-my friends originally made plans to go watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show at City Walk in Orlando Florida. Of course I was totally in, since I was always down for anything, I was so excited to do something different besides the regular clubs downtown. Before we were going to check into the theater, we checked out one of the clubs at city walk, where to our surprise the manager was awesome and gave us a bottle with our own VIP seating. Well….what girls would pass up that offer, so we canceled our show and stayed at the club, drinking and dancing the night away. That night was the greatest GNO ever! Then, the clock struck midnight and prince charming had walked into the ball and totally struck my amazing girls night out. As I saw him walk in we immediately made eye contact and he proceeded to walk in and then seemed to completely forget about me. About half an hour later I saw prince charming sitting at a table a few feet away from my little “VIP” section. I saw the opportunity and I stole it like a fat kid in a candy store. As the drinks were flowing I noticed our bottle service coming to a close and like the lush I am I took it upon my self to finish it off in an excessive vodka pineapple drink. As the alcohol hit my lips I glanced over at prince charming to make sure he hadn’t left and to my surprise he was laughing at me! As a typical girl I yelled at him ” What’s so funny?” and little did I think he’d actually come over and ask what was I saying…Well there he was, a few inches from my face and like any other crazy Cuban girl I asked him the most random questions ” Are you from Miami? Are you Cuban?”…And we have been inseparable ever since.

Image 1 of Stephanie and Christian

how they asked: As a “busy” teacher during the summer months, I was antagonizing Chris all summer about when he was going to propose! Day in and day out…nag, nag nag. We had taken a trip to Cancun, no proposal there, trips home to Orlando, no proposal, went to Las Vegas, no proposal, I was going insane. Finally it was back to school for teachers and I was over it and settled that Chris was just never going to propose and we would be boyfriend/girlfriend always and forever. Who would have thought on an ordinary day something magnificent would happen, definitely not negative Nancy over here who was told we were just going to dinner with a doctor that her boyfriend works with. As I was getting ready I noticed Chris putting on his suit and asked how fancy was this dinner, he casually said ” just put on anything nice and that I would be fine, so typically this meant I had to pull myself together and do my hair and make up and settle for my favorite maxi dress. As we drove down to Miami, I admired the sunset and how beautiful the Miami skyline looked in the distance. As we approached the restaurant Chris was texting the doctor who seemed to be running behind so we valet and made our way to the bar. The restaurant had the most beautiful view of the same Florida sunset and the amazing Miami skyline. After we had finished our drinks, Chris thought we should make our way to the table since the doctor was running behind. We sat down and the waiter quickly approached us asking for our drink order very attentively but we couldn’t help admiring the dolphin in the bay and the city in the distance. After the waiter took our drink order, I quickly announce how perfect of an opportunity this was to propose and kept on and on and on about how beautiful the setting was and that I rather be home in which case I was just going to sit there and pout. As the waiter arrived with our drinks he handed Chris the “daily special menu” Chris looked over it and then explained what a great deal it was and began reading it to me…” Are you from Miami? Are you Cuban? and then dessert…” at this time he was on his knee and I knew this was not the regular special, it was my special ever after.

Image 2 of Stephanie and Christian