Stephanie and Chris

How We Met: We met at the same place where we are both currently employed; a Chicago-based construction company.


While there was immediate attraction, it took several months of flirting, my fiance, Chris, picking on me and collaborating on several construction bids until we started dating in Spring of 2013.

how they asked: Our proposal night was a complete and utter shock engagement 2to me. My now fiance, Chris, had afriend in town and they had both left for the night to go watch Chris play hockey and then get dinner. My best friend was coming over for a glass of wine before we went to dinner and then to see a show in Chicago’s theater district.

While we were drinking wine in my living room I received a call from my next door neighbor. She was in a panic because she thought she had left her iPad in our building’s workout room, so my best friend and I went up to the workout room on the 4th floor.

Once we arrived the party room door next to the gym had a note with my name on it. I was shocked and started to panic at the thought that I was somewhere I was not supposed to be.  I did what any self respecting girlfriend would do and ran into the gym pretending not to see it in hopes that I didn’t just ruin a big surprise.

I came back my best friend stated that I should go read it. The note said that I should go into the party room. At this point my heart was beating so quickly, and I proceeded to enter the party room. The room had a surmountable amount of candles lit across the room and a round table in the middle with letters and photos.

Each letter contained a statement of regret and congratulations from celebrity couples that Chris and I have inside jokes about. These inside jokes are usually about people like Chrissy Tiegan and John Legend, and me asking Chris if he thought they would come to our wedding if I invited them.

Every couple had a letter for me, but at this point I could not focus enough to read a sentence let alone a full letter. I proceeded to “read” three as directed by Chris and then walked across the room to where he was standing. He then handed me a letter which he stated that “he was going to read this but couldn’t”. This was a letter from Chris to each celebrity couple about why he was going to propose to me and how much he loved me. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes.

Photo Mar 07, 6 42 03 PM

We then proceeded to read actual letters from our family members congratulating us. After the shock and surprise he informed me that we had dinner reservations at the restaurant we had our first date at.We went to dinner and celebrated, and after he said we would be meeting up with our friends at a local bar to celebrate.

Once we got home to change quickly before meeting them I was greeted by a surprise engagement party with all of our closest family and friends. It was an absolutely amazing night.