Stephanie and Bruce

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How We Met

Bruce and I met our senior year of high school in 2010. He just transferred and he was the cool new kid. During my math class he would always sit in the back, I thought just to catch up to everyone else, but he claims he had a crush on me from the start. I had a boyfriend at the time, but it didn’t stop us from flirting when we say each other out and at graduation. Fast forward to 2012, I was single and Bruce had just gotten out of a relationship. We didn’t speak or weren’t even Facebook friends after we graduated high school, so I was surprised to see hime come to my friends party with our mutual friend Mark. From the start of the night we were flirting like crazy, and though he takes credit, I kissed him first. Every since that party we’ve been obsessed with each other. I think we both knew from those moments that it wasn’t just a hook up and we knew it was going to mean so much more. After a month of sweet thought out dates, Bruce asked me to be his girlfriend on my birthday which is August 12th. You could say 12 is our lucky number, we met in 12th grade, started dating August 12 of 2012, our favorite NFL quarterbacks wear the number 12, and Bruces birthday is the 21, 12 backwards!

how they asked

In Buffalo we celebrate the Monday after Easter called Dyngus day, a Polish based holiday and Buffalo has the biggest celebration. Bruce and I are both Polish, (Bruce’s mom is from Poland) so we love going out to eat the yummy food and go polka dancing. Two of my uncles are in Polish bands that we go watch Easter night, and on Dyngus day. Even though Bruce is very Polish, he never celebrated Dyngus day until we got together, and each year he improved on his Polka dancing, it became something we looked forward to every year. This year we went out to see my uncle play polka music on Monday. A lot of my family was there and Bruces family was there, it was the first time everyone met which was really exciting for us. My favorite polka song is called “who the hell is Alice” and my uncle always calls me to the mic when he sings it, so it was no surprised when he called me to the mic with Bruce, but when I got up to the mic he handed Bruce the microphone and Bruce got down on his knee for everyone to see! I couldn’t stop crying and even asked if he was sure! I was in such shock and so happy. It was such a unique and something we personally loved that it was perfect! Now every Dyngus day while we polka, i’ll have the most amazing memories.

Did I mention I left for France that Friday to a surprise bridal appointment for dresses in Paris, courtesy of my sister! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and still am on cloud nine a month later.

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