Stephanie and Brian

Image 1 of Stephanie and Brian
Image 2 of Stephanie and Brian
how they asked: Brian mentioned we should take photographs, so over the weekend we drove all over looking at beautiful places to make it happen. We had so much fun exploring an found a gorgeous spot, he stopped looked at me with a sense of calm, put his arms around me and said “this is the spot babe.” So Brian hired two photographers for a lovely Saturday which he said was for the walls in his house we were decorating. He was comfortable in front of the camera, while I was worried about my hair and focusing on how strikingly good looking he is. When all of the sudden he turned towards me an got down on one knee, an I went absolutely numb. All I could think is wow he chose me, this man is my dream! I looked deep into those honest hazel eyes and pictured our lives together. I was so blissful thinking of what this proposal would bring I almost forgot to reply yes. I took a breath and took in my reality, this IS really happening!! I can’t wait to hear him call me Mrs. Valdez! YES a million times over, YES.

Photography by Beards and Brides