Stephanie and Bradley

Image 1 of Stephanie and BradleyHow we met (her side): When Brad and I met, I was working at Kmart, as a fashions associate. Brad was hired in as an Assistant Store Manager. In which I ignored Brad for a couple of months, I was so scared to talk to him! Even for work related questions, I would find ways around it! After about 7 months Brad was placed into the Fashions Manager position in which I knew now that I had no choice but to communicate with him! After working side by side for about 2 years, our friendship grew very strong. Brad left Kmart to pursue other career opportunities and soon after leaving the company we touched base again and our relationship blossomed! We had no idea how fast this was going to go, but before I had the chance to blink – Brad was purchasing a house out in Schaumburg and I was looking to relocate to be out there with him. Our relationship was as strong as I could ever imagine and I knew without a doubt that we were meant to be.

how they asked (his side): I started planning this whole top secret proposal nearly 7 months before asking Stephanie. After many trips to and from the jewelers, I finally designed the ring and received it in June of 2013!

In October I snuck out to Tinley to sit down with Papa J and to ask for his blessing. After expressing my love and passion for his daughter and showing him the ring, he gave us his and Mama J’s blessing.

To keep this proposal top secret only Stephanie’s dad knew, as well my parents. I asked Papa J not to share the news with Mama J because I wanted Stephanie and her mom to be able to share in the joyful excitement together!

Traveling to Maui with my family for 10 days couldn’t have started the New Year off any better….so Stephanie thought! Back in July 2013, Stephanie and I booked a private jungle tour just for the two of us to visit hidden waterfalls and to explore the beautiful island of Maui. Waking up on our first day in Maui we both couldn’t of been happier, we woke up about 5am and started to get ready to head out on our 8 hour jungle tour. Well Stephanie was in the bathroom showering, I tucked the ring into the back pack – boy did I feel my stomach in my throat! On the road to Hana, I kept having my speech run threw my head over and over, and just wanted to get this out of the way. Our tour guide was amazing and defiantly showed us more than we ever expected. Hiking in and out of mud piles, up and down steep hills, over and under bridges – Stephanie definitely worked for the ring! We stopped to use the washroom, and little did Stephanie know that I was putting the works into action, after emailing back and forth with our tour guide beforehand, we decided that the next stop would be the one! Driving down the road to Hana, we finally pulled off the road and started hiking up this steep hill. Half way up the hill Stephanie looked over to me and wanted to stop. In my head, I was like “Oh no, this is it. You’re getting up this hill one way or another.” I gave her that look and told her to get her butt moving! Finally after what seemed like forever we made it up the hill and traveled our way to Wild Boar Waterfall. Stephanie walked over to the edge of the cliff and looked into a huge, gorgeous waterfall. I knew that it was now or never, I hurried up and grabbed the ring out of the back pack and just as I was getting down on one knee Stephanie turned around (perfect timing!). I grabbed her hands and expressed my unconditional love for her, as she started to cry like a baby.

“Yes, yes I do”, was all I needed to hear!

She was speechless the whole ride back to the hotel, and just kept looking at her ring.