Stephanie and Bill's Beautiful Christmas-Inspired Proposal

Christmas-Inspired Proposal

How We Met

Bill and I met on Memorial Day 2013. We both lived in Astoria, NY and that day one of our neighborhood restaurants, The Strand Smokehouse, was having a Block Party. I went with a few of my friends and Bill had gone with his roommate. While I was waiting in line for a drink, I saw him across the bar in a different line and he saw me. I whispered to my friend: “that guy over there is really cute.” I got my drink and then lost him in the crowd. I was in the back patio of the bar with a big group of people when all of a sudden that cute guy was asking to sit across from me! The whole day was fun with lots of people & music. I was flirting with Bill and at one point asked for his phone and just put my number in it – I was feeling bold! A couple days later he called and we went on our first date. That summer we were very casual and it honestly worked for us. A few weeks after summer ended I told him that I didn’t want anything casual anymore and asked if he thought of us dating more seriously. He said No! So I told him I couldn’t see him anymore and we parted ways. We went about 4 months without speaking to each other (no drunk texts or phone calls!) and I just couldn’t shake him, so I finally texted him to say hi. We started talking again and then seeing each other. On his birthday in May 2014 we officially became boyfriend & girlfriend. We moved in together a little over a year later. So it is true, that cute stranger really could be The One- go introduce yourself!!

Christmas-Inspired Proposal

how they asked

About 2 months before Bill proposed he told me that he need to go to Florida for work at the beginning of December. A few weeks later my best friend Billie, who just bought a house with her husband, told me she was going to have a housewarming party that same weekend and asked if I would come. The weekend came and I traveled to Boston and I thought Bill had gotten on a plane to Florida. The morning of 12/05 I helped Billie and her husband decorate for their party, blew up the balloons then we went out and got a Christmas tree. Billie and I then left to get some last minute things and she said she wanted to get her nails done. Afterward she said she wanted to stop by their town commons to visit a holiday crafts fair. I got out of the car and saw a gazebo covered in lights, tea lights, flowers and my boyfriend was standing there in a suit!


I tried so hard not to run but jumped into his arms once I got to him. I asked him if this was really happening and he said yes. He then told me that he had written me vows and read them to me. Thank goodness he wrote them down because I was so in shock it was happening that I don’t remember hearing them! He then took out the ring, got down on one knee, and proposed. Of course I said yes! The ring is perfect and I was the first one to see it, he wouldn’t show it to anyone before hand.



When we went back to Billie’s house there was a surprise party waiting! My parents, brother, and our close friends were all there! I blew up the balloons for my own party! I was so shocked and excited to see everyone, I also couldn’t believe how many people knew it was happening! Bill had planned the party but he got a surprise as well – his dad flew up from Florida to celebrate with us! Everything about the proposal was perfect and we both couldn’t be happier.

Christmas-Inspired Proposal



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