Stephanie and Ben

How We Met

Oh, Ben Ross. I still recall the day this guy walked into Iron Works Training Center, an MMA gym in small-town Holmen, Wisconsin. I was training for my first fight, and he, his second. We were training partners during that camp, fought on the same card for our gym and not too long after that he asked me out on a date.

Proposal Ideas MMA fight in Onalaska WI

The rest is history. I knew from the day I met him there was something special about him that I was going to marry him. He still doesn’t believe me to this day about that, but I swear I just KNEW!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in MMA fight in Onalaska WI

How They Asked

He was my training partner and became my best friend. We have something so special it’s hard to put into words. We’ve been through so many ups and downs of MMA, work, life, everything. Just when I least expected it, he got down on one knee and proposed to me in the same cage we both fought in after his knockout win.

I bawled my eyes out because it was such a special moment for both of us. On a night that was supposed to be all about him, this guy made it about me and US. Our story. As Taylor Swift played Our Song, the announcer let him take the mic, and he called me up to “ask me a question”. It’s truly a memory I will never forget. In front of our family, our friends, and our gym, and 1,500 people—he asked me to marry him. #knockouttoknot

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