Stephanie and Austin

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Tallahassee, FL

How We Met

Austin and I met in Miami. He’s a country boy from Georgia & I a native Hispanic Miami girl. He drove down to spend the weekend in Miami and catch a flight to Ecuador where he was going to visit some friends. We met on Tinder the night before his flight and had an instant confection. We spoke the entire night into the early morning until I finally had to go to bed. We agreed to have breakfast before he left on his flight and I had my interview that afternoon with YSL. We had breakfast at Lulu’s in Coconut Grove and had instant chemistry. Yet somewhere between him lending me his jacket since I was cold to me giving it back to him once the date was over, I had lost his wallet and all of his information in it. Fast forward hours of trying to find it, he didn’t make his flight to Ecuador and instead used a card he knew by memory to buy a week and a half worth of hotel stay in Miami. We spent the entire time attached at the hip and by the end of week 1 we were already dating. The rest is history :)

How They Asked

Okay so, I knew he was going to propose soon but he told me it would be multiple surprises until he actually proposes and Thursday he calls me during work to tell me to put on a nice dress and no heels for a surprise he had for me today. He assured me today was just one part of the surprise and not the actual proposal so it could go the way he planned and I believed him. I get home and have 10 minutes to change and do my makeup and he sends me some random directions. I pull up to a run-down restaurant and pray this isn’t it but he pulled up and told me to get in the car.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Tallahassee, FL

Stephanie's Proposal in Tallahassee, FL

Where to Propose in Tallahassee, FL

He took me into this large complex of beautiful homes and drove to this amazing park that was right on the water and there was this little island to walk towards that had to water around us and he tells me he just wanted to show me the park since he knows I love that stuff and after the park I’ll get to see the real surprise.

We walk almost to the end of the strip of island and he bends down, grabs a box out of a bush, and proposes. He had hired a wedding photographer to capture the entire moment and they were right behind us and I had absolutely no idea. Then we had a photo shoot as I’m trying to stop hysterically crying and that’s how it happened. :)

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