Stephanie and Anthony's Proposal on Bleecker Street

How We Met

I met Anthony senior year of high school. He went to an all boy school and I went to an all girl school. My cousin who also went to school with him and were good friends introduced me to him.

I thought he was hot! But, we were both dating other people and were getting ready to leave for college.

We stayed in touch, but nothing romantic came of it. He came home for winter break and all of our friends had made plans to go out to a nightclub. Last minute, everyone cancels and it’s just me and him. We decided to go see a movie instead and it was from then on that we began dating.

Image 1 of Stephanie and Anthony

how they asked

When me and Anthony first started dating, he worked by Bleecker Street and I would meet up with him after work. He worked up the street from Magnolia Bakery, the bakery from Sex and the City! We would get our banana wafer pudding and sit by the bench at the Bleecker Street playground and take about life, our dreams and aspirations.

Fast forward 6 years later and we both graduated college, had full time jobs, and grew up. It had been some time since we had eaten our banana pudding. He had been acting kind of funny so I thought something was up. Well, we went to Magnolia and it was Halloween weekend so all of the decor in the shop and in the area was filled with pumpkins and Halloween treats. While I’m taking pictures of the cakes, I noticed he was being extremely figdety but I didn’t say anything.

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We walked across the street to our bench and he thought it’d be nice to take a picture since we hadn’t been in the area for some time. Anthony handed the camera over to a nice lady, who so happened to be a photographer. As we were getting ready to take the picture, he starts mumbling and then he got down on one knee and proposed at our spot! The spot that meant the world to me and him and represented our beginning

I later found out that the proposal was not supposed to happen till Christmas, but since my dad made a last minute visit in to NY he decided to pop the question then.

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