Stephanie and Alex

Wedding Proposal Ideas in University of Miami

How We Met

Alex and I met at The University of Miami. We were both involved in the School of Communication’s college comedy show, Off the Wire. I was one of the show’s producers when he joined, and he became a head writer. We had weekly meetings and a show that we filmed every other Thursday, in Studio C. We met for the first time when I held the semester’s first meeting of the year, to recruit new members.

How They Asked

Alex and I met at the University of Miami while working on our school’s college comedy show, Off the Wire. In February, during our visit to Miami, which is where I’m from, we decided to visit our alma mater. We have gone back to visit before, I thought this was no different. My sister and her husband were with us, but stayed behind, faking a phone call. It was a huge surprise when we walked into Studio C, the studio in which we filmed our show.

Stephanie and Ales's Engagement in University of Miami

It was filled with balloons, I thought something was being filmed and that we would be intruding. But he told me to read the balloons. “Will you marry me”. I was so surprised! I couldn’t believe it was happening, where we met, where our relationship began. After the proposal, he told me my best friend, Sarah, and her boyfriend Danny were the ones to buy and set up the balloons for him.

My sister also reached out to a connection to make sure the studio would be open for us. His family flew down from New York and spent a few days with us so both our families could celebrate together. I was so incredibly happy! Not only did we gain a lot of useful skills, connections, and amazing experiences at the U, but we fell in love, and it’s where our story began. It really is all about the U!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in University of Miami

Special Thanks

Sarah Rico Knapp
 | Bought and set up balloons
Jenny Lorenzo
 | Connected with someone from UM for stage to be open for proposal