Stephanie and Alex

How We Met

The funny part about our story is that Alex and I actually met twice! The first time was at a bar (romantic, I know) where I stopped by to meet a friend while on break from college. I had no idea who this loud, outgoing guy was but he had no problem stealing the scarf I was wearing and posing for pictures while wearing it himself. Alex and I didn’t talk much that night and I left, scarf in hand, and went back to school. Fast forward to a year and a half later when I arrived at a party at a friend of a friend’s cabin. Alex was there too, although neither of us remembered the other. He introduced himself and, after making sure I wasn’t dating anyone, we spent the whole evening talking and sipping blackberry brandy together. This time when I left for the night, Alex had my number. We talked almost every day after that. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when a friend was asking about this new guy I had been talking to, that I realized we had met before. I went on social media so I could show her what a stud he was, and found a picture of him at a bar, wearing my scarf.

How They Asked

We were on a trip to Croatia with my brother and sister and their spouses that had been in the making for almost a year. My mom’s side of the family is from Croatia, which put it at the top of my bucket list for vacation spots. Alex and I are also massive fans of Game of Thrones, so the fact that they had multiple filming locations in Croatia was the icing on the cake.

On our last day of what was already an unforgettable trip, we booked a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik (a.k.a. King’s Landing). Part of the tour was a visit to a small museum that held one of the iron thrones actually used in filming and letting people take pictures while sitting on it.

Alex insisted that I go first and that he would kneel in front of me as if he was “bending the knee”. Well, he bent the knee alright! And shocked the hell out of me by pulling a ring box out of his pocket and asking me to marry him!

I literally thought he was messing with me until he opened the box, but once I saw he was serious I said yes immediately. It was the perfect ending to the trip of a lifetime.