Stephanie and Aland


How We Met

Aland and I were met by our mutual best friends. Our best friends were set us up for an event that we could introduce each other. They had a taught that we looks perfect match together. At the first sight, I didn’t interest with him, so that we seldom went out together. After a year of our meeting, I decide to give him a chance to know him more.

how they asked

On April 2016 he asked me to have a trip to Bali with him. We had so much fun there. Until one day on a sunset beach, he went down on a knee and said “Will you marry me? Be my wife?”.


I was so surprised he did that. I was so shocked and happy at the same time.


I can’t belive he purposed me on a beach in Bali, what a romantic thing! So how could I say? I said: “Yes!” And he hugged and kissed me.


What a romantic trip ever!