Stephanie and Abraham

how we met

We met in 2007 in Caracas, Venezuela. We attended different high schools, but participated in the same extracurricular activities. We liked other since we met, but didn’t started dating until January 2010 when our best friends set us up.

how they asked

Abraham: “I started planning the proposal 1 year in advance. I wanted everything to be a surprise. I always knew I wanted a beach setting and I had many options in the beginning but as soon as I saw Turks and Caicos I knew that was the place I wanted for that special moment. I started by booking a villa and then finding a photographer to capture such a special moment. I was lucky to find Anita from Brilliant Studios. Before booking the flight tickets I asked Stephanie´s friends for their MBA final exam dates to make sure she didn’t had any tests around those dates. I booked the tickets 5 months in advance. The day prior departure, I told Stephanie we had a valentine’s day trip and that she needed to pack her bags because we were traveling the next day to a surprise destination and that she needed to bring her passport and a bathing suit. She had no clue where we were going until we landed and the pilot said Welcome to Turks and Caicos over the speaker. The original plan was to make the proposal at Taylor Beach on Saturday afternoon, where Anita the photographer will be hiding behind the bushes to capture this amazing moment. But we went in the morning to Sapodilla Bay Beach, and I saw a scenic spot at the end of a small cliff. We climbed the cliff and when we got to the top I kneeled over the edge of the cliff and asked her to marry me. This was a very special moment since we were completely alone, and even though we didn’t had a photographer in that specific moment, Anita was able to make a photoshoot for us the next day”.

Special Thanks

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