Stephanie and Aaron

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How We Met

On March of 2016, Aaron and I met through my cousin. She had a friend that lived out in San Diego, CA that was friends with him. We were supposed to meet many times before but somehow he wouldn’t show up or I wouldn’t show up. Inevitably we met. I headed out to Vegas before I was about to leave for Portugal (where I was planning on living) for my cousins 21st birthday, and it so happened that it was Aaron’s sister birthday as well so we ended up meeting each other that Friday night. I remember dancing at club Marquee and I turn around and immediately looked at him. I thought he was the most beautiful human I’d ever seen!

10 minutes later I’m introduced to him by my cousin Krystle. Pretty much after that was fireworks. We had been out all night till 5 a.m. Getting know each other. And the following day he invited me to hang out with him once again. We ended up kissing the very next night and I couldn’t stop thinking about him ever since! It took some time till he texted me and asked me out (almost 3 weeks later) and after that was history. I didn’t think twice about having to stay in the states after I met him. I knew from the beginning that I’d be marrying this guy and if I could pick anyone in the world to have by my side it would be him. 10 months later we moved in together in San Diego, and just one month after settling in he surprised me with our beautiful little doggy named Denni.

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how they asked

After 2 years of being together, we decided to head to Maui, HI for our vacation this year. As we were heading to the beach to catch the sunset for what I thought we were just going to watch and catch a few photos, he begins to tell me how much he loves, appreciates and values our love and relationship. I look out for one second to figure out why everyone had the phones out and next thing you know, he’s down one knee and asked me “Want to do this for forever?” And mind you, we went on this vacation so I can fulfill my dreams of swimming with sea turtles (which I had done the day before little did I know I would have another dream come true just a day later.

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His proposal was so simply beautiful and I couldn’t expect anything more! My man is a simple man and he gets to the heart of things in everything that he does. And it definitely reflects on our relationship.

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It was a beautiful sunset, just in the nick of time.

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