Stephanie and Aaron

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How We Met

We met online on Plenty of Fish. We chatted online for a few weeks and then had our first date at Buffalo Wild Wings. I remember we sat at the bar which was kind of loud so I couldn’t really hear everything he was saying. However, his eyes were mesmerizing. He has the prettiest blue eyes! From what I did hear, he was so kind and funny. We continued to date for a while and clicked automatically. We had very similar interests and both valued our time we shared with our families. He was there for me when my mother passed away from lymphatic cancer in 2015. I was truly broken and he became such a great friend that brought me through the hardest time in my life. I got a job in North Jersey and didn’t know how this was going to affect our relationship. Two months after moving he got a transfer to North Jersey as well! We got our first apartment together and everything fell into place. We have had so many ups and downs but the one thing that has remained is our love for each other!

how they asked

Friday, December 22nd was the day he proposed!

I went out to dinner with 2 girlfriends of mine, to celebrate a 21st birthday. I had been very sick, but really wanted to go out. Around 8 PM I had texted him to let him know I was going to head home soon. The message I received back read “take your time”. Odd, didn’t really know what that meant. Well, I sipped on one more moscow mule and decided around 9 PM it was time to call it a night.

I was surprised as I entered our front door with a sticky note which read “November 2014 was our first date. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings.” I looked around thinking this was a joke. Did he write this? Then, I opened the door to find rose petals all the way up the staircase with sticky notes filled with special dates he remembered and other sweet comments. In the distance, I heard one of my favorite songs by Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You”. When I entered the apartment, there were more rose petals all over the floor and more sticky notes. Candles were lit but I did not see him.

I followed the rose petals into the bedroom and there he was! On the bed there spelled out in the petals read “Will U Marry Me?” It was so romantic. He walked over to me, got on one knee and asked “Stephanie Sierra, will you marry me?” It was almost like an out of body experience. Of course I jumped in his arms, kissed him and yelled “YES”!

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