Stephanie and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I met on Bumble, a dating app back in January of 2016. It took me about a month to finally give in and go out on a first date. It was a Friday and it was snowing but Alex still drove over 30 minutes to pick me up and take me to dinner. It’s been history ever since that night.

Stephanie's Proposal in Sag Harbor, NY

how they asked

Alex told me about a week prior we were going to lunch with his uncle out in Sag Harbor, a place we frequently visit for walks on the pier and ice cream cones. We finally get out to Sag Harbor and Alex tells me his uncle will be here in about 15 minutes, and he’ll call once he’s here. Alex suggested we go for a walk on the pier and look at the water, and any boats still docked. We looked through the scope out at the water then Alex takes my hand and walks me toward a bench. We sit down he tells me how in love with me he is, but his uncle is here and it’s time to go. Alex stands up, walks across me as I’m still gazing at the water and gets down on one knee and pops the question. After very happy tears I finally was able to get the word YES out.

Special Thanks

Andrea Blaga
 | Photographer