Steph and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met my freshmen year of college at DePaul University. For our first date, he took me on a walk around Lincoln Park to the zoo! On our walk back from the zoo we stopped at a bench right across from William Shakespeare, and talked for a few hours. After that moment I knew I was smitten!

how they asked

Fast forward five and a half years later and we’ve been together ever since! Leading up to the proposal, Tyler called my dad to ask for his blessing before asking me to marry him (which I thought was very sweet, as my dad and I are very close). Thankfully, my dad gave his blessing! Tyler had been planning the idea of going to the zoo a few days before we got engaged and I wasn’t sure why, but agreed because who doesn’t love the zoo? Unsuspectingly, we walked to the zoo and all over Lincoln Park. It was a great day! Tyler then asked if I wanted to stop by “our bench” across from Shakespeare to take a break, and of course I said yes! We walk over and take a seat in the shade, and Tyler asked if he could take a picture of me by the statue. I gave him a hard time because I wasn’t exactly camera ready, but eventually I stood up to stand by the statue for a picture. When I turned around I saw Tyler on his knee with a ring in his hand! I was so surprised, but of course I said yes! We celebrated by going out with our friends that night and a brunch with my sister and her boyfriend (planned prior to the proposal by Tyler) the next day. We will be getting married September 8, 2018 and we could not be more excited to spend the rest of our lives together! The photo above is one of our engagement photos at the famous bench across from William Shakespeare!