The Reason Why This Man Proposed at Sunset Will Melt Your Heart

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How We Met

We began our adventure just like any other modern day love story…on Tinder!

how they asked

I was on my way over to Jake’s house to spend the afternoon studying. I am in graduate school and he is in medical school, so this is a typical Saturday morning. I pulled in to his driveway and opened the front door.  When I walked inside, my sisters were all sitting at his kitchen table along with his best friend. Most of my family lives several hours away from me. I was in shock as to why they were here, in Jake’s house.  After several minutes of crying and asking several questions about why they were all in Omaha, my sister handed me and envelope.

Back story: Jake writes me random notes enclosed in envelopes that say “Open when… you’ve had a bad day.”  “Open when.. it’s sunny out.”

This particular card said, “Open when.. It’s your engagement day!”  Of course, I was a mess from here on out.

He had planned for my sisters and I to get a manicure.  His best friend was our chauffeur for the day, so he drove us to the nail salon. After our manicure, the manicurist handed me my next envelope which said, “Open when.. you have gotten your manicure.” Our next stop was my apartment, so I could get dressed in an outfit he had already picked out. After getting ready, my sister handed me my next card: “Open when.. you are all dressed up!” This began my scavenger hunt.

We went to places all over Omaha that were special to us. For example, we went to my favorite restaurant where all of our food was already ordered and paid for. The waiter handed me my next card, which led us to our favorite ice cream place.  Again, our ice cream was already ready to go!  Each place we went, my favorite foods and drinks were already ordered with another card waiting for me.  The only thing that would have made this day even better was if my younger brother would have been there to join us.  He lives in South Carolina, so we had to spend the day without him.  My last card directed me to go to a mini golf course where I usually beat him in putt putt.  However, rather than going to the course, his friend started driving in a different direction.  He began playing “I Get to Love You by Ruelle.”  Of course, there were more tears!  We pulled in to his driveway, and he was standing in his back yard waiting.

Another backstory to give context to the rest of the proposal: I lost my mom to cancer 7 and a half years ago.  Jake began by saying something that my mom always said to me, “When you see the sunset, I want you think of me and know that I am thinking of you.”  He quoted her and explained that he was proposing to me at sunset so that my mom could be here for the proposal.



After he asked, there were MORE tears.  But he wasn’t done surprising me yet.  He said that now that my mom could be here watching us for the proposal, he wanted everyone to be there.  My entire family started walking out of his house, including my brother from South Carolina.  I was so surprised to see my whole family along with his to help us celebrate the beginning of our journey together.


The video

How we found the ring

We had known for a while that we were ready to take the next step in our relationship, so we decided to go ring shopping. However, everyone should know two things about my fiancé: she had no idea what type of ring she wanted and she is an extremely indecisive individual. I personally thought this was going to be quite a ordeal, with it taking us several weeks and her deliberating on which ring she wanted. However, I could not have been more wrong. We walked into Helzberg and within ten minutes she had found the style of ring she desired. Now she needed to find the right size of diamond. Everything for her seemed a little too large, and she kept asking the associate, Quinten, “Do you have anything smaller?”  This befuddled and confused him, as he had never heard those words uttered from a female’s lips before.  After about another fifteen minutes of searching, we found her correct size of diamond, and she was beaming and glowing like I had never seen!  All together we spent a total of forty minutes in Helzberg, which to this day I think is some type of world record.

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