Stella and Matthew

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How We Met

It was fitness and fate that brought us together. I had just started working at a gym in downtown Sacramento, CA when this cute, sweet, shy guy approached the front desk. He too was an employee at the gym, however, I had not had the pleasure of meeting him quite yet. We exchanged small talk and eventually the question of where we both were from came up, unknowingly, we both were Napa, CA natives(yes, wine country, yum!) that had only recently relocated to Sacramento. Napa is small, how did we not know one another? In that moment, for a reason I can’t explain, I felt an instant connection and immense trust with Matt. Some time passed and Matt and I became friends. While out with a group of coworkers i was stranded without a place to sit.

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I looked to my left, and there was Matt, with a kind genuine offer he said, “You can sit here!”. He wasn’t offering his seat, I was shocked that he was offering his knee- wait, this is the shy guy who’s my friend?! I didn’t hesitate a moment and I am so glad! 4 Months later, while waiting to be picked up to attend my aunts 60th Birthday, i asked Matt, “So, how am i supposed to introduce you to my family?”. Without hesitation he said, “your boyfriend!”. That night, my family fell in love with Matt, and guess what? So did I. Five and a half years later, I love him more today then I did yesterday.

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how they asked

My mother is from Guadalajara, Mexico and growing up I would spend summers there with she and my siblings- immersed in the culture, speaking a different language, and simply enjoying life. I wanted to share those memories and the cultural experience with Matt. We pulled the trigger and booked our trip for March 2017. The trip was split between Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, city experience and beach relaxation. Throughout our four days in Guadalajara Matt would not let his backpack out of his sight. I didn’t think anything of it, as I was tied just the same to my purse. On the 5th day of our trip we took a long six-hour bus ride to Puerto Vallarta. When we arrived we were both exhausted but oh so excited! Our condo was gorgeous, the beach was gorgeous, the pool was gorgeous, and we were there together! Puerto Vallarta is known for its’ sunsets, so of course when the time was approaching I made Matt and I a few cocktails and we headed down to the beach. Ohhh but not without the infamous backpack. “Really, do you need the back pack for watching the sunset?”

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I didn’t think much of it when Matt said, yes. We got settled in on a few lounge chairs, with no one around us and not many people in sight. When the sun was as close as it could be to setting, Matt asked me to stand up and take a picture together. After we snapped the photo, Matt looked at me and said my name. In that moment, i knew something was up. The sweetest words that encapsulated everything that Matt felt towards me were said, then, while on one knee Matt asked me to marry him. The backpack mystery was finally solved. I was shocked beyond belief and happier than words could ever express. I just kept smiling and kissing him with tears in my eyes. It honestly didn’t even dawn on me until about an hour later that there was a ring during the proposal and a gorgeous one at that – bring on round two of excitement. The remaining days of our Mexican vacation were spent on cloud 9. I always knew i would spend my life with this man, but the fact that in this one life he could choose anyone, he chose me, well that means more to me than anyone will ever know.

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