Steffin and Lyle

How We Met

Steffin and Lyle have known each other since their time at Harris Jobe Elementary School in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Although Lyle was two grades ahead of Steffin, he was too shy to ever ask her to dance with him at any of the numerous elementary school dances. Still, fate had its way of bringing the two together when Lyle and Steffin both were elected to serve on student council. Steffin was elected Treasurer and Lyle was elected President of the student body at Harris Jobe Elementary in 1998. Lyle remembers Steffin promising to put Dr. Pepper in all the water fountains as part of her campaign speech.

Sadly, Steffin moved to Oklahoma City in 2000, before Lyle was ever able to confess his childhood crush to her. Many miles separated Lyle from Steffin. However, the two continued to see each other in the summer during youth ministry at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Muskogee throughout their time in middle school.

In 2001, an amazing thing happened; Lyle grew an ingrown toenail. As a result, Lyle required an operation to fix his toe. During the operation, Steffin’s father, Dr. Steve Schoeppel, was Lyle’s anesthesiologist. While giving Lyle “truth serum” for the operation, Lyle confessed, unknowingly, his obsession and love for Steve’s daughter.

During spring break in 2004, fate once again brought Lyle and Steffin together in an unexpected way. Lyle had plans to go on a church ski trip with his best friend. Steffin had plans to spend her spring break with her dad in Muskogee. However, Steve surprised Steffin once she arrived in Muskogee, informing her that he had saved her a spot to go skiing with her girlfriends from elementary school. On the morning of their departure from Muskogee, Lyle learned that his best friend was not coming, and Steffin learned that her girlfriends also were unable to come. As a result, Steffin and Lyle’s friendship grew even closer. Lyle and Steffin sat next to each other on the church bus to Colorado and the two both listened to Lyle’s enormous CD collection. Throughout the trip, Lyle made several attempts to try and catch Steffin’s eye and impress her but all to no avail. Lyle was so crazy for Steffin that he wasted an entire day of skiing to go shopping with her. While shopping, Steffin had Lyle try on various sweatshirts and clothes for her brother, Troy Schoeppel, thinking that the two were about the same size. Lyle ended up buying everything that Steffin thought looked “cool” on him.

Steffin and Lyle would once again part ways during their time in college with Steffin going to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and Lyle going to Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. After graduating from college, fate brought Lyle and Steffin back together in the same city.


In 2012, Steffin accepted a job in Oklahoma City and Lyle started his first year of medical school at the OU College of Medicine in Oklahoma City. After seeing Steffin post on Facebook the news that she started a new job in Oklahoma City, Lyle developed the courage to send her a text message, asking her on their first date.

On July 3, 2012, Lyle asked Steffin via text message if she would like to attend “Red, White & Boom,” a Fourth of July firework show, with him at the Oklahoma City fair grounds. Little did Lyle know at the time that Independence Day was Steffin’s favorite holiday. When she received the text message, she was eating dinner with her mother and had just recently learned that her brother was involved in a car accident earlier that day. Steffin’s mother reassured her that her brother was okay and encouraged her to go on the date with Lyle. She agreed and responded to Lyle saying, “Yeah, that sounds so fun!” So Lyle drove to pick her up. At the firework show, Lyle and Steffin shared what would be their first of many more special moments together.

After their first date, Lyle immediately knew that Steffin was special. She was so special to him that Lyle decided to document every major encounter and event in their relationship from that date on in his calendar. Still today, 3 years later, Lyle has kept a calendar of every daily activity that they share together in their life.


There are many things that we share in common, but above all, we both LOVE Disney. We have visited Disney World and Disney Land three separate times since we started dating. Lyle even incorporated our love for Disney in my engagement ring design! Here are a few of my favorite pics from all of our Disney trips




how they asked

On the night of June 20, 2015, my boyfriend of almost 3 years told me in Oklahoma City that I had 24 hours to pack my bag for a 2 week road trip. He didn’t tell me where. He didn’t tell my why. He didn’t even really tell me what to pack besides “really nice clothes” and some “comfortable clothes for activities.” I had no idea what to expect! So I stuffed my suitcase with a variety of different things in preparation. The next day, we drove to Muskogee, Oklahoma, where we picked up his parents (who also kept every detail of the trip a secret). On June 22, we woke up early in the morning to begin our road trip adventure.

Road Trip Itinerary

Day 1: We drove from Muskogee, OK, to Tucumcari, NM, along Route 66 . Along the way, we stopped at the Cherokee Trading Post and the Big Tex Steak Ranch in Amarillo, TX, home of the “free 72 ounce steak”.

Day 2: We drove from Tucumcari, NM, to Sedona, AZ. Along the way, we saw the Blue Mesa, the Crystal Forest, the Painted Desert, and our favorite, the Petrified Forest National Park.

Day 3: We drove from Sedona, AZ, to Pebble Beach, CA. Along the way, we went to the Grand Canyon National Park!

Day 4: We drove from Pebble Beach, CA, to Los Gatos, CA. We shopped in Carmel, CA, and walked the Pebble Beach Golf Course.

Day 5: We drove from Los Gatos, CA, to Yosemite National Park, Waywona, CA. Along the way, we visited Apple Headquarters in Cupertino and rode Google bikes at Google Headquarters in Palo Alto.

Day 6: Yosemite National Park, Waywona, CA. Lyle Proposed at the top of Glacier Point, singing “Far Longer Than Forever” and “A Whole New World.” Steffin’s mom, brother, and best friend surprised her at Yosemite. After celebrating with toasts of champagne, Steffin, Lyle, Troy, and Emily went hiking at Yosemite’s Mariposa Grove to see the Giant Sequoyah Trees.

Day 7: Yosemite National Park, Waywona, CA. Steffin and Lyle go Horse Back Riding in Yosemite Valley to Mirror Lake. Steffin, Lyle, Jim, and Cyndi also see Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil Falls, and Tunnel View.

Day 8: We drove from Waywona, CA, to Elko, NV. Along the way, we visited Lake Tahoe.

Day 9: We drove from Elko, NV, to Yellowstone National Park, Jackson, WY. Along the way, we gambled in Jackpot, NV, and saw Idaho Falls.

Day 10: Yellowstone National Park, Jackson, WY. We saw “Old Faithful,” lots of wildlife, Yellowstone Falls, and the Grand Prismatic Spring.

Day 11: Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, WY. We enjoyed lunch at Jackson Lake Lodge with a beautiful view of the Grand Tetons.

Day 12: We drove from Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, WY, to Locus Grove, OK, for the Cedar Crest 4th of July Firework Celebration.



[SCENE: Steffin, Lyle, Jim, and Cyndi, all sitting down in four fold-up chairs facing the scenery. Out of nowhere, Emily enters from behind their chairs. She walks in front of the chairs and scenery. Music starts playing and Emily begins show.]


[EMILY: All by herself standing in front of Steffin, Jim, Cyndi, and Lyle]

Steffin, (spoken)

If Lyle proposed today,

What would you say? (Hands up)

He has brought you here to ask in Yosemite.

Steffin, you and Lyle are meant to be.

[EMILY: Slowly starts walking out of frame and picture at “meant to be” with one hand in air]

[CYNDI: Stands up when Emily sings “Yosemite”]

Far longer than forever,

He’ll hold you in his heart. (Two hands cuffing heart)

You’re dreams are finally coming true,

And this is just the start…

[CYNDI: Takes both hands and opens them up wide to her side when singing “the start” while slowly walking out of frame and picture]

[JIM: Stands up when Cyndi sings “coming true”]

Far longer than forever,

You two have come so far.

Soon I hope you’ll be, our, daughter-in-law.

[JIM: Slowly starts walking out of frame when singing “in-law”]

[TROY: Appears out of nowhere and enters the frame when Jim sings “daughter”]

Can you believe that three years have gone by, (holds up 3 fingers)

Since Lyle and your first date?

[TROY: Slowly starts walking out of frame when singing “first date”]

[RANDI: Appears out of nowhere and enters the frame when Troy sings “first date”]

Technically you’ve known each other since you were eight… (holds up 8 fingers)

[RANDI: Slowly starts walking out of frame when singing “eight”]

[EMILY AND LYLE: Lyle stands up when Randi sings “you were”. Lyle and Emily enter frame and picture together when Randi sings “eight”. Emily hides directly behind Lyle and pokes her head out behind Lyle during her echo singing.]

Far longer than forever, (Lyle)

Far longer than forever, (Emily echo)

I swear that I’ll be true. (Lyle)

He swears that he’ll be true. (Emily)

I’ll make an everlasting vow, (Lyle)

to always be with you. (Lyle and Emily).

[EVERYONE: Everyone starts walking in the picture and frame when Lyle and Emily sing “to always.” Singing all together with arms over each other’s shoulders.]

Far longer than forever,

Now we all must go…

It’s finally time for Lyle to propose.

[EVERYONE EXCEPT LYLE: Everyone slowly starts walking out of the frame at “to propose.”]

[LYLE: Left alone in the picture and frame. Sings while walking towards Steffin.]

Far longer than forever.

I promise you forever.

With our love we’ll never be alone.

[LYLE: Pretends to get down on one knee, but new music starts and interrupts.]


[LYLE: Left alone in the picture and frame. Sings the “proposal song.”]

The moment has finally come,

It’s perfect, beautiful, magical.

Tell me, Steffin, did you know that you are the love of my life?

[LYLE: Brings out pink Minnie Wedding Bridal Veil at “my bride.”]

Everyone is here,

Our families uniting together,

Don’t answer just yet, but, Steffin,

Would you want to be my bride?



No better place for us to be.

So many things to do,

If you only knew.

It’s the moment I’ve long been dreaming…



Just take a look at this gorgeous view.

Far long since you appeared,

It’s crystal-clear,

That I must spend the rest of my life with you.


Unbelievable sights,

Indescribable scenery.

Hiking, Fishing, Sight-seeing,

Would you let me be your guide?



Just take a look at the sky.

100 billion stars to see.

And what beautiful weather.

We’ll never be apart,

You stole my heart.

It’s almost time for me to get on one knee.



Every day by your side.

A year from now we’ll say “I do,”

Be together forever.

I’ll follow you anywhere,

This I swear.

Let me spend the rest of my life with you.

[LYLE: Gets down on one knee and shows Steffin the ring at “Will you marry me?”]

Steffin please,

I’m on my knees.

Just you and me,

Forever, you’ll see.

I have one wish,

It ends with a kiss.

Will you marry me?


After the proposal we cooked steaks and ate on the porch of our little cabin. We also all wore custom t-shirts that my mom had made!



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