Kristina and Steffen

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How We Met

I was a new softball transfer at the University of Hawaii – Hilo and Steffen was a baseball player. The first day I flew in, I went to dinner with my roommate and mutual friends of ours. Steffen and I sat right next to one another and he did not say A WORD to me. I thought, how rude is this guy!? Throughout the week before school our group of friends hung out everyday to soak up the last bit of summer by adventuring, group dinners, competitive beach volleyball games, and movie nights. One of these days, all of our friends jumped in the pool while Steffen and I sat on the beach chairs talking for 3 hours about everything you could possibly think of. I think it was fair to say we both developed a crush.

As time went on Steffen had sensed my crush on him so he did what any other person probably would do.. asked me on a date. I politely declined but we remained friends and continued to hang out with our friends. A couple weeks passed and Steffen asked me out on a date again.. and again, I declined, over and over again for about two months. Oops! Until I decided that I would go on a double date to our local fair. It’s safe to say that after that date I agreed to a couple more and his persistence and charm had completely taken over. Steffen was sure of his decision and I remember the day he told me, “It’s inevitable Kristina, we’re going to be together so might as well say yes.” Here we are four years later and I have never been so quick to say YES in my life!

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Lesson to learn: Persistence and Patience is a serious virtue!

how they asked

Utah was a place I spent a lot of my time snowboarding with my family when I was growing up. In fact, it was the place that I learned how to snowboard. I had taught Steffen how to snowboard about two years into our relationship and it was instant love! He was eager to try new places and had “the itch” to go all the time. Throughout our relationship, I had told Steffen that Utah held a special place in my heart because I always had the best experiences there. This past December, we went to Ski Dazzle, one of the largest ski and snowboarding expos. We bought new gear, received many small, free gifts, and played many little games to win things. One booth was for Brianhead, Utah; and the objective of the game was to role dice and try and win free lift tickets. We were given two dice and had to role a total number of a 3 or a 7. Both Steffen and I missed both of our rolls but the gentlemen working the booth put the fate in the guy behind us and told us to stay put.

He said, “if he rolls a 7 then all of you win free lift tickets!” Sure enough, HE ROLLED A SEVEN! I guess I can thank the stranger behind us for what was about to come. January 20th of 2017 we left for our trip to Brianhead, Utah. We had planned to snowboard a half day on Saturday due to the storm and weather and use our free tickets on Sunday because the day was supposed to be much better. Sunday, January 22nd, the day started out perfect! It was clear, the weather had bumped up a little bit, and we had the best runs with the most perfect snow. Steffen had mentioned he wanted to take some pictures because it was our last day and I agreed (little to my knowledge of his plan). We snowboarded the full the day until the weather and the wind started to shut down some of the lifts. Even with those little roadblocks it had still felt like our day was unstoppable.

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Our last run of the day was flawless and when we unstrapped I found a spot by snow capped trees for our photo op. We put our snowboards and our gear (except for the beanies and jackets) aside and I ran over to the trees to try and pick the perfect spot. Little did I know that the Mr. Slick was pretending to put his stuff away and he was really retrieving the box with the ring. He walked over to the gentleman who ran the snowboarding competitions and asked him to take a couple of pictures. In the process of Steffen asking this man to take our pictures, I guess he told him he didn’t want to put any pressure on him but he was proposing.

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Lucky for us, he said he would even take a video! Thank you to the man at Brianhead Resort for capturing the most perfect day.

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While the pictures and our mysterious photographer/videographer capture the moments perfectly, there are some things you should know before watching the video: Steffen always stated and joked that if he was was to propose; he feared that I would run away. Thanks to the snow I had nowhere to run. Snowboarding and the cold; seriously makes your fingers fat. I’m also pretty sure I was so shocked I blacked out and had to re-ask him if he got on one knee or if I said yes! Luckily for the video, we look back and continue to watch the beginning to the end over and over and over again!

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Our Video