Steffany and Michael

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How We Met

Our parents knew each other while we were growing up, but we officially met in 2018. My dad was officiating our friends’s wedding and recognized Michael at lunch day before the wedding. I heard my dad tell him he had the best name in the world (they have the same name!). I followed behind my dad, shook Michael’s hand, and that was the extent of our contact. We reconnected a month later, and within 3 weeks we knew we would marry each other. It was love at first FaceTime.

We have a little something going on with the number 17:

10•17 First FaceTime

03•17 Began our dating relationship

08•17 Engaged at our 5 month mark

05•17 We’ll be married

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How They Asked

Michael and I have a long distance relationship. I traveled for his graduation, then he flew back home with me for what I thought was to celebrate my birthday. I had the impression that we would go to church, visit his cousin, and come home for FroYo which is all I wanted that day. We did visit his cousin, but on the way there Michael told me I’d have to wear a blindfold! Cue butterflies!

When we arrived, I could smell the beach and hear waves. The two of them patiently walked me down what felt like hundreds of stairs. Our favorite songs played as I opened mystery gifts, and the last was the ring box. Michael told me, “You are 288 months today, and I want you to spend the rest of them with me.” I said yes!


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