Steff and Jason's Winery Proposal

How We Met: Jason and I both went to Syracuse University for our Undergrad in 2007. He was the first person I met and became friends with on campus. We were placed in the same mentoring group, and became really good friends. We were both in serious relationships at the time so we didn’t even think about each other romantically. It wasn’t until a year later we realized our feelings for each other. He is a country boy, from upstate NY and I’m a city girl from Long Island. After graduating we moved to NYC together and started our crazy, hectic city life.

how they asked: It was lightly snowing on the ride up to Benmarl Winery (Marlboro, NY) in the comfy rental car Jason picked up from LGA. Jason was driving beside me, and Jessie, his sister, was sitting in the back seat. She came along wine tasting with us as our “designated driver”. Jason had his phone connected to the cars stereo and we listened to a playlist he created on Spotify the whole way up, which of course, was on shuffle. About one and a half hours later, we pull up into the long driveway of Benmarl. At that very instant, a song called “Marry Me” by one of our favorite bands “The Family Crest” came on the playlist. Remember, this playlist was on SHUFFLE. I think to myself “well this is weird, what a random time to come on” (look it up, it’s a beautiful song). Meanwhile, Jessie and Jason are laughing to themselves trying not to make eye contact with each other.

We arrive at the Winery which was on top of a small mountain and the snow is so beautifully placed all around. Literally, a winter wonderland. We walk into the tasting room, and this nice older man greets us with a smile. The whole experience was wonderful, and I think we tasted at least 10 different wines (which were all amazing). We decided to buy our moms each a bottle, Jessie a bottle and ourselves a bottle of the same wine because it was just so good. (also there was this adorable fat cat that was sitting on the bar. I don’t remember her name but she was an adorable fluff)

Image 2 of Steff and Jason's Winery Proposal

After the tasting, we went outside to take some pictures since Jason insisted I bring along my Canon DSLR for all the beautiful views. I start taking pictures of the beautiful mountains and the hudson river. I then look over and notice an arbor and say to Jason “Oh thats nice, people probably get married here!” This of course cracked Jessie up, and Jason smiled and said “Probably, but it looks a little small. Lets take a picture under it anyway!” So I give my camera to Jessie and she starts taking pictures of us under the arbor. A few minutes later, Jason turned to me and gave me a look. That look. I immediately knew what was happening and started full out bawling! Jason starts laughing at me (typical) and continues to get down on one knee, in the snow, on the mountain, under the arbor. I continue to cry and cry and then look at him and say “Well don’t you have something to ask me!?” and Jason was taken aback and remembered he didn’t even ask me the question! It was such an amazing surprise.

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Image 1 of Steff and Jason's Winery Proposal

We head on back into the tasting room and the staff were smiling and this nice woman even brought us some homemade cookies and chocolate covered strawberries to celebrate. All in all, it was a magical day that I will definitely remember for the rest of my life! And now I finally get to marry the man of my dreams :)

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