Stefany and Peter

Proposal Ideas On Stage at an Adelitas Way show.

How We Met

WWe met while working together at a local restaurant. I had worked there for about 7 years and he began working in July 2015, a month after my mom passed away. It was months before we began dating. We were coworkers first, then friends, then we began noticing a sincere connection. We talked it out, as I had vowed to never date a coworker again and seeing as he had never dated someone with children. Something encouraged me to take a chance. Something that i truly feel was my mother acting as a guardian angel. I always had this feeling that if I didn’t put my pride aside and give it one more chance (dating someone I work with) that I would miss out on something truly wonderful. So I leaped. And he caught me. Then and every time I have fallen after that.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On Stage at an Adelitas Way show.

how they asked

On November 18, 2017 we headed to NH to watch one of our favorite bands play a show. Our 4th show together. Adelitas way came on stage, did a few songs then called Peter up on stage. After asking him how many shows he’s been to, Rick, the lead singer, called me to the stage. We stood there, in front of the crowd as Rick talked about us and about love and handed the mic to Peter so he could tell the world the reasons he loves me. He gave his speech, got on one knee and asked me for forever. Then Rick dedicated that performance of “Alive” and we stood side stage for the whole song. After that song they went into “good die young” which always reminds me of my mom and how I lost her when she was only 47 (I was 27). It could not have been a more perfect proposal if I had planned it myself. ❤

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