Stefany and Nick

Where to Propose in Our Backyard in Austin, TX

How We Met

We met only about a year ago – I guess it’s true when they say, “When you know, you know!”

At the time, I was living in Nashville – and Nick was living in Austin. I followed Nick on social media for years (he’s a Military/Fitness/Entrepreneur YouTuber) – and at the time I was working for a news network, and I actually pitched a story idea featuring Nick, when he was raising money for Hurricane Harvey Victims in Houston.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our Backyard in Austin, TX

We started talking more and more after working together – and somehow, I pulled the trigger, he convinced me & I booked a plane ticket out to Austin so we could finally meet! I never would have done something that spontaneous or crazy – but it felt right for some odd reason. Our first date was a country concert in downtown Austin, and we’ve been dating ever since! The first few months of our relationship was filled with trips back and forth between Austin & Nashville…and we mixed in adventures to Big Bend National Park and Whistler!

Stefany's Proposal in Our Backyard in Austin, TX

Finally, after just a few months of long distance, I agreed to move down to Austin with Nick, after just 4 months of dating. The whole idea was crazy to me – especially because Nick was my first boyfriend ever! It’s an indescribable, magical feeling when you know – everything just felt right. It might have been crazy, it might have been risky – but that’s what made it worth it. We now are engaged, live together, work together, and still can’t get enough of each other!

how they asked

It was a Friday morning – our only plans that day were to go to a concert that evening, which was actually at the same venue as our very first date! Nick was awake & up before me (as usual!) and told me I wasn’t allowed to go downstairs – as he brought me a cup of coffee and a card. The card told me to get ready & come downstairs when I was ready. I don’t remember a thing about getting ready that day…I had a feeling what was coming but I didn’t know how truly magical it would be. I made my way to the stairs, where our entire stairwell was lined and lit with beautiful candles.

Nick was waiting downstairs by the door that goes to our backdoor. It was the most beautiful, calm morning. He had our song playing in the backyard. He guided me outside, barefoot – and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the most magical, beautiful moment of my entire life. There’s nowhere else I would have wanted it to be – it’s our first home together, and now it will always have an extra special meaning to it!

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