Stefany and Eddie

How We Met

We met at work and you can say it was love at first sight. The moment we both laid eyes on each other we automatically felt a connection. I ( bride to be) invited him to lunch I knew he was a one of a kind guy so I had to make the first move he is also very quiet and shy so I knew he would never dare to make a move because of how shy he was. At lunch we hit it off we had so many things in common and knew this was meant to be. Here we are 5 years later stronger than ever.

How They Asked

We went on vacation in the Caribbean. I sort of knew the morning of that something special was about to happen he had a team of glam. Hair, nails, makeup come into our room early. He had one of the ladies hand me a note which read ” Good morning beautiful get ready for a day of getting pampered. By 6:30 pm sunset, a golf cart will pick you up, put on the blindfold that the ladies will help you get on and I’ll be waiting for you at the beach I love you and see you later” as he unfolds me what I saw was absolutely breathtaking.

Special Thanks

 | Photographer