Stefanie and Thibaut


How We Met

We both went to the scouts so we knew each other for many years and we get along very quickly. But when we both where the leaders of the same group of children the spark came on strong and we soon started dating and became a couple. Now we are 7 and half years together.

how they asked

For the summer holiday’s we decided to go to East Canada, rent a car and see the amazing cities and nature that Canada has to offer.

We first went to Toronto, Niagara and our third stop was Algonquin national Parc. We went on an organised Canoetrip which was amazing and fun. We slept on a camping ground, like the scouts times (maybe a little more comfy then in our earlier years) and when the trip was over the next day we decided to still go for a walk with the two of us. We took the Look-out trail because I read that it had an amazing view (it is in the name of course) and when we where up and saw the view we were both amazed. There was a bench where we sat down and talked for a little while. And then Thibaut said that he had a surprise and he took a letter out of is backpack and start reading it for me. The letter was so beautiful and was about how we met, how we grew and what we did the past 7 years. the letter ended with a note about the future, where he then asked me to close my eyes and sat on one knee and proposed.


I was overwhelmed, emotional and so happy (because i wanted this already for a few years now). And of course I said yes.


We then talked about if for still a few hours sitting on our bench in the park.



Special Thanks

Thibaut Vanderbeek