Stefanie and Steven

How We Met

Steven and I met in college through a mutual friend. We only started talking/dating the very last month of our senior year. It worked out perfectly and just in time for him to swoop me off my feet before we graduated!

how they asked

Steven had made plans to go out for brunch and a walk on the boardwalk by the beach- something that we used to do often when we first started dating. As we were walking on the boardwalk and reached the end, Steven suggested walking closer to the shore on the actual beach. We saw a beautiful jetty far away. Steven (having already planned every single thing out days prior) said he wanted to do a “Follow Me To” picture- also something that we do often.

Stefanie and Steven's Engagement in Long Beach, NY

So we went up on the rocks and walked towards the ocean and got into form for the picture. As he was taking the picture, he placed a “Will You Marry Me?” sign secretly by our hands, took the picture, hid the sign, and while I still had my back turned from him, he gave me his phone to look for the picture- saying he thinks I’m going to love how the photo came out.

As I was looking for the picture and finally found it, I immediately saw the “Will You Marry Me?” sign next to our hands. In shock, I quickly turned around to find him on one knee as he proposed to me!!