Stefanie and Samuel

How We Met

Well… there doesn’t appear to be a word limit… that’s dangerous! How do I begin to explain my fiancé Samuel? ‘My Sammy’ to me, ‘Hunk’ to my Grandma, and affectionately ‘Samantha’ to my girlfriends, who decided it was time to assign a nickname to the boy that infiltrated our sacred girl gang and didn’t appear to be leaving anytime soon. Put simply, meeting Sam changed my life. Not instantly, or in that ‘love at first sight’ kind of way… more of a day by day kind of growth. And I can tell you, nearly four years of that ‘day by day’ kind of love really gives you faith in love. He makes me better in every way. I knew I was going to marry him on our second date. Sat across from this incredibly handsome and surprisingly humble man, he says ‘I’m kind of sad’. Surprised I ask ‘why?’. He replies ‘I’m already 22 and there are only so many dogs you can own in your life, I need to start soon or I’ll run out of precious years spent with as many dogs as possible’… SWOON!

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How They Asked

April this year, he got down on one knee in a suit and proposed with a new puppy, who’s collar held a beautiful ring. Not that I saw that through my tears, sobbing and puppy kisses. Other than our hundred and something dogs, he’s all I need in life to be happy.

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