Stefanie and Jon

How We Met

We met floating on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on August 1, 2015. Our tubes were attached together, and we chatted the entire time. The rest is history. We now get married on October 5, 2019, in the mountains of Utah!

How They Asked

We went to Chile to go on a ski trip and planned to go cat skiing at Ski Arpa for our first ski adventure on the 2.5-week ski trip.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In the Andes Mountain on the Chilean/Argentinian border

To get to Ski Arpa, it was the craziest drive to get there in the middle of nowhere. We drove up to a little shack with a couple of cats parked next to it. It was a beautiful bluebird day, and Ski Arpa had a small snow storm roll through the night before delivering about 3 inches of snow.

Stefanie and Jon's Engagement in In the Andes Mountain on the Chilean/Argentinian border

We were so excited to get to ski in August and the vibes were high that day. On the way to the top of the second run, Jon had the biggest smile on his face. I thought he was really excited to ski this one face he had been eyeing. Everyone got off the cat at the top of Cerro Blanco, and a couple people started asking me questions to distract me giving Jon time to get down on one knee. Stef doesn’t remember what Jon said to her and after she said yes, she proceeded to give him her right hand instead of left because she was so excited.

They enjoyed a full day of cat skiing in the Andes Mountains on the Chilean and Argentinian border. The turns were soft and amazing, the weather was warm, and the entire group was made up of excellent skiers. It was absolute perfection.