Stefanie and Joey

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How We Met

Joey and I met student teaching in January of 2013. Joey noticed me in a stairwell and stopped me to introduce himself and ask me a few questions about myself.

We were the only two student teachers in the building, so we became quick friends. We started talking often, stealing quick glances at each other in the hallway, spending time together during our lunch periods, talking about the process of becoming a teacher and supporting one another during formal observations and eventually sharing intimate details about our lives with one another. Since the timing was off, once June came and the school year ended , Joey and I said goodbye to each other thinking we would go our separate ways. Through out the summer however, we tried dating and needless to say- it did not work out. After a few months of not speaking, we slowly reconnected and realized we could not shake the thought of one another from our minds. When you know, you just know right? So, we took a second chance, and we’ve been together since January of 2014- about a year after we met.

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Stefanie's Proposal in Peddlers Village

how they asked

Joey and I share mutual love for all things Christmas. I love the snow, and perform in the Nutcrcker every year with my dance studio, so Christmas Time is always extra special for me. In September, Joey had booked a trip for us to Peddlers Village, during the weekend of December 2nd, when they would be having a Christmas festival. He booked us a room in a cute little inn close by, and researched the weekends events, like a Christmas parade, and seeing the whole town lit up with Christmas lights. Needless to say, I could not wait to go! A few days before going to the village I found a necklace Joey had bought for me for Christmas, and joked with my best friends that Joey wouldn’t be proposing anytime soon and I would be receiving a necklace. Little did I know that Joey and them have been planning my propsal for months, looking at rings together and scrap booking and documenting every moment. When we arrived at the village, I was very excited to see just how “Christmasy” everything was. Joey suggested we heard back to the inn, and prepare for the evening out. I was so excited to spend time in the village, I got ready very quickly. Once we started walking around, everything felt very magical. Seeing all the trees lit up, and all the Christmas decorations was something out of a dream. Joey knows I love taking pictures, so he told me to choose a spot to take one. I decided to pick a spot in a little cozy area in front of a bunch of lit up trees. A couple was there before us and asked if we wouldn’t mind taking pictures of them. Once they took their pictures, Joey handed them his phone to take pictures of us. We took about three before Joey said “let me just check to see how they came out”. He went to see and little did I know at the time that he then asked the girl to “continue taking pictures while he gives me something”. Joey came back, and reached into his pocket and pulled out the necklace box I found the other day. He told me it was a necklace with the word “Always” inscribed on it, and since I am a huge Harry Potter fan, this would be special for me. He opened the box and revealed….A RING! He totally fooled me! He got down on one knee and said “Do you want to marry me?”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. All my dreams were coming true! I immediately burst into tears of joy and was barely able to squeak out the word “YES!” By that time, a crowd of people had formed and started cheering for us as Joey slipped the ring on my finger. The cherry on top of this perfect weekend was coming home to our families and my best friends waiting to surpise us with gifts and well wishes. I’m so very lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.