Stefanie and David

How We Met

David and I met in high school. We had classes together freshman year but didn’t really talk at that point. During sophomore year we started talking through Facebook and became really good friends. I would always tell my friends about the cute baseball player that I liked but it took him what felt like forever to ask me out! By the end of the year were were together, and we have been for almost 6 years now!

how they asked

First of all, I am a huge Disney fan. I love everything Disney and Disney World is truly the most magical place. For spring break, we were going to Florida to visit David’s parents who had moved down there a few years ago. David sneaked in a quick 2 day Disney trip for us. Normally, I would take control of the Disney trip planning but I did have a slight idea that he was going to propose (I may have told him if he didn’t ask at Disney World I would be devastated, jokingly of course!). Anyways, I let him do most of the trip planning.

Our first park was Magic Kingdom and we headed to Big Thunder Mountain as our first ride. After that, I was ready to do some other rides nearby, but he took me back to the front of the park. He told me I had to look for a bench with Goofy on it. I knew exactly what bench he was talking about but I was pretty confused as to why! When we got there, his parents were there with scavenger hunt clues that David had planned out! There were five clues and each clue led me to one of my favorite places around Magic Kingdom. He wrote each of the clues and had my best friend (with nicer handwriting) write them out on cloth scrolls.

Image 1 of Stefanie and David

Each clue also had a pair of socks matching the attraction (for example, a pair of socks with waves on them for Splash Mountain). For context, I really love fun socks and it is a little tradition of ours that he gets me socks anytime we go somewhere new. It was perfect.

After following all my clues, the last one led me to Cinderella’s Castle.

Image 2 of Stefanie and David

The last clue!

By this point I knew what was going to happen, but it still did not feel real! But, when we got there the Dream Along with Mickey Show was happening on the castle stage and there was a huge crowd in front watching! We waited and watched the show, both not really paying much attention because we were so nervous and excited for what was going to happen next! After the show ended and the crowd cleared, David took me up to the front of the castle, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Image 3 of Stefanie and David

Of course I said yes!

Image 4 of Stefanie and David

Image 5 of Stefanie and David

Image 6 of Stefanie and David

It was the most magical day. He also got us “Just Engaged” pins and the whole day cast members were congratulating us.

Image 7 of Stefanie and David

I didn’t think I could love Disney World more, and now I have these amazing memories every time I look at the castle. It was the happiest day of my life, at the happiest place on earth!

Image 8 of Stefanie and David