Stefanie and Anthony

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How We Met

Anthony and I met on the first day of high school, in our last period French class – the only class we ever shared together throughout our high school years. It wasn’t until our third year of high school when we really got to know each other and became best friends. Anthony had asked me to be his date to our upcoming semi-formal, and it had me thinking if there was something more to us than just friends. I built up the confidence, two weeks before the formal, to tell him how I really felt and was elated when he confessed the same feelings for me. We have been high school sweethearts now for almost 11 years and counting.

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How They Asked

During the week leading up to Thanksgiving weekend, Anthony had suggested that we go out for dinner to celebrate our birthdays. Because of Covid, we did not get a chance to go out for dinner on our actual birthdays, so he thought, why not celebrate now? I thought it was a little odd, as Thanksgiving weekend always entails an abundance of food, but I went with it.

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We were already going to be at his family’s cottage that weekend for Thanksgiving dinner, so he was going to make a reservation at a restaurant close-by. That afternoon, we headed out to the restaurant and when we arrived, we were told that they were “running behind”. Little did I know, it was all part of his master plan.

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He asked me, “What do you want to do? There’s no point in going back to the cottage.” So, we decided to go for a walk. Anthony lead me along the boardwalk of the lake and we ended up at a small, scenic trail. He looked at me and asked, “Should we check it out?” I hesitated at first because we were both wearing whiter than white running shoes and I was wearing a dress, but he convinced me.

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We followed the trail, experiencing some steep inclines along the way until we got to a cliff that overhung and overlooked the lake. He said, “Let’s take a picture” – knowing I never say no to a picture. We snapped the photo and looked at the result. Then, he looked at me and said, “So…I have a question to ask you…”

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