Stefanie and Adam

How We Met

It all started two years ago with a blind date set up by a couple of our coworkers. I work in a high school and one day at lunch, our front office clerk and my dear friend, mentioned her husband had a co-worker they would like me to meet. After asking some important first questions (including his height!), I agreed to meet the person. Adam and I officially met on a blind double date with our respective co-workers on February 18, 2017. It was an instant connection and I had interest immediately. After the date, he did not ask for my phone number and on my way home I remember worrying he must not be interested. It wasn’t much time later when my friend texts me asking if Adam could have my phone number. He later told me he was interested but wanted to keep me on my toes…and he has ever since! Our first long trip together was a week stay in Savannah, GA in June 2017. It became our favorite place together filled with many fond memories and experiences. While on that first trip on the beautiful Riverwalk, Adam first told me he loved me. We have had many other wonderful trips and travels but Savannah remained our favorite. We went again in September 2017 and reminisced in our favorite city.

How They Asked

In November 2018, we decided to go back to Savannah for the third time. On the way to our favorite local Italian restaurant, Adam had us stop by Forsyth Park and wanted to get pictures of the fountain all lit up. We had a stranger passing by take our photo. Then, Adam, had me take a photo of just the fountain with my nice camera but told me it could be blurry so try again with my cell phone. After focusing and taking the photo, I turned around he was on one knee, asking me to be his wife. After I cried and said, “Yes!”, he had another surprise: he had both of our families hiding behind the trees/ fountains and they ran out to congratulate us! We then all went to the Italian restaurant and celebrated our milestone in our relationship! We are set to be married on June 8, 2019.

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