Stefani and Anthony

Image 1 of Stefani and Anthony

How We Met

We met at an artistic roller skating competition. He was coaching a skater I had recently met and that skater introduced us. It’s very serendipitous though as we both were competitive roller figure skaters when we were younger but never met until we were adults. We have a lot of the same mutual friends which has been wonderful.

How They Asked

He was visiting California (we are long distance – him in Maryland and I in California) and we made plans to go wine tasting at a winery we’d been to before. He apparently told my roommates the night before he asked, and they came to the winery with us. My female roommate and I were kind of matching and we asked her husband to take a picture of us. Then I hear my now fiancé say “Hey, what about this picture?” When I turned around he was down on one knee.