Stef and Josh

How We Met

We met in high school when we were 16, despite not being in any classes together and hung out as best friends for a long time. I kept telling Josh that I couldn’t be his girlfriend until we had finished our exams and graduated as it would be a ‘distraction’. A few months before our final exams we made it official, we couldn’t wait and we were already very distracted.

How They Asked

I had a big European holiday with my family planned for over a year and for a few reasons Josh couldn’t come along. At a family dinner a week before we were due to leave for the trip, mum announced at the dinner table that she and Josh had secretly organized last minute for him to meet us in Europe and spend our last 2 weeks of the holiday with us. I was so excited that I cried.

It was a trip of a lifetime and the final 2 weeks were made even better as I was able to explore Venice, Greece, and Paris with my best friend. We even had a 6-year anniversary date in Venice.
On our second last night in Paris, Josh and I went on a picnic to watch the sunset at the Eiffel Tower. Every hour the Eiffel lights up and twinkles, so at 10 pm he asked to take photos together in front of the twinkling lights. As a random tourist was taking our photo he dropped to his knee and asked me to spend forever with him. We heard applause from the other people who were picnicking in the park, and lots of people came up to congratulate us. We drank champagne, cried happy tears and face-timed our friends and family back home. It was perfect.

Stef and Josh's Engagement in Paris, France

Photos of us exploring Paris with huge smiles the next day.

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