Stef and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I went to the same high school in Florida- he was a senior when I was a freshman and even though we had a ton of friends in common we didn’t officially meet until after we had both graduated from college! I remembered him as the cute guy on the soccer team and followed him on Instagram a year or so before we went on our first date. I liked some of his posts here and there and he started to like some of mine. When the 2018 World Cup came around, I saw that he posted a picture of him out on a bike ride and was obviously not watching a big game that was happening at the same time. I was brave enough to comment on his picture “You are not watching the game?” he commented back, and then slid into my DMs! We went out on our first date shortly after, and to our surprise, we were wearing matching outfits! The whole night we looked like one of those couples that had purposely planned to match.

How They Asked

Fast forward to almost two years of dating, Chris took me out to a sunflower farm that I had been dying to go to! I wore a yellow dress thinking I’d want to get some nice pictures of us for Instagram. Little did I know that he had a whole plan going! He hired a photographer who drove all the way from Georgia the night before just to be there for us on our big day. The photographer followed us around the whole time at the farm without me noticing!

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Before I knew it, Chris was down on one knee asking me to marry him, and of course, I said YES! It rained just a little bit right when he got down on one knee, but then the sun came out for us :) We spent the rest of the morning taking beautiful engagement pictures in the sunflower fields, drinking fresh lemonade, and picking flowers. I couldn’t have asked for a better day <3

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Special Thanks

Aaron Cranford
 | Photographer