ToniAnn and William | Staten Island Ferry Proposal

Image 1 of ToniAnn and William | Staten Island Ferry ProposalHow We Met: William and I met 4 years ago taking the Staten Island ferry into Manhattan for Halloween. I was dressed as a Barbie doll, he was of course dressed as himself (the Ken to my Barbie I like to say now!). The rest is history and we have been together ever since.

how they asked: Never in my wildest dreams did I think my fiancé would pull off such an extravagant proposal and get away with it, considering I’m the noisiest person on the planet. On Saturday March 1st I was told we were going out for my fiancé Williams brother, he got a new job and we were going to celebrate it. We were supposed to take the 9:00 ferry and than go out to a bar. Unfortunately, my grandfather is very sick and even though I agreed to these plans, I backed out the last minute not thinking it was right for me to go while my grandpa was so sick. I then told Billy I would not be attending, disappointed of course but he said “your grandpa comes first, so if you don’t want to come no pressure”.

While at work that day one of my coworkers said “maybe you should go, take your mind off stuff” so it was then I decided I would go, I called Billy and he was very happy to hear the news. We took the 9:00 ferry as planned and as we walked down the escalators I seen people coming out from hiding and it was then I realized what was going on, my entire family, his entire family along with all of our best friends were there to be apart of our special day, they were holding signs that read in pictures of us “Will You Marry Me TAG” (which is my nickname) and then Billy got down on one knee, and said “I know your going there a hard time right now, but I want you to know you will never go threw it alone, and I want to be the reason you smile when your going through anything, will you marry me?”

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I was in total shock and embarrassed I kept turning around and he kept insisting “you have to look at me!” But after all of course I said YES! I was so happy every one I loved was there to witness it all, he even set up an open bar and we all went out to celebrate it after! I later found out that his brother had the ring in his pocket all ferry ride and they exchanged it at the last minute! I didn’t notice anything! It was the most magical night I have ever had and it went exactly how I would have ever dreamed of! We are exciting to start planning our wedding and start our lives together!

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