Amy & Clayton | Star-Inspired Proposal in New York

How We Met: How Amy and I met is not the most interesting or exciting of stories. Amy and I met through my sister. Amy and my sister went to school together and ended up becoming best friends. Amy started coming around the house and to family functions which is when I got to know Amy. After a few years, things between Amy and I developed, escalated, and culminated in a kiss. We never looked back and were engaged 2 years later!

how they asked: The night started when I brought Amy to a restaurant for what she thought was just a nice dinner out. When we arrived we were lead to a private room overlooking Columbus Circle. Set up in the middle of the room was a beautifully decorated tree covered with Swarovski crystal stars. On each star was a significant date in our relationship and a personal message for Amy.


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After reading each of the messages to Amy I asked her to marry me and she said yes! We celebrated with a romantic dinner for two in the private room.




When we returned to our hotel room that night Amy found the book “The Stars” placed on the bed with a personal message inside.



Photography by Mikkel Paige // Proposal Planning by Brilliant Event Planning