Stani and Jesus

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How We Met

We first met on the dating app Tinder. We lived quite far apart, about a 90 minute drive, but had such a great time chatting that he quickly agreed to make the drive to meet. Of course by the time he made it, his planned venue of choice had closed, and we found ourselves in a busy college town square looking for food in a noisy crowd.

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how they asked

My favorite holiday is Christmas and he knew I loved the romance of cold weather, cloudy skies, and lights at night. On Christmas morning he took me sight seeing, as I had moved to town recently, and we stopped and walked to a small park in downtown Austin. I was wandering around, filming on my phone, and turned around to him on one knee in the middle of the covered veranda at the park. I stopped recording and said yes, and then we made a video to announce to our family.

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