Stacy and Mike

How we met: Funny story; Actually we met through a mutual friend almost 10 years ago. We dated for about a year and a half in our early 20’s and actually lived together when we were pretty much kids. At the time we were too young for a relationship and drifted apart. However I ran into her after work at a bar about 10 years later and she asked me out!

We went to a murder mystery dinner; where she was actually selected to be one of the characters and got to play the murder victim. We hit it off again… and I guess the rest is history.


how they asked: I wanted Stacy to have a great weekend away from home, so I decided on Chicago. I was a little lost as to how to make it all happen, so I asked for some assistance.

We arrived early in the morning on Saturday February 28..

A car was already waiting for Stacy, she looked at me with confused eyes, but I assured her that she was safe and that we would meet up later in the day.

Stacy day was a mani pedi, then another car picked her up and took her to her next appointment which was hair and make up, a third car later took her to a private shopping trip with a stylist, where Stacy picked out her evenings outfit.


Her final car ride of the pampering day was to the restaurant Cocello’s wheres a small private area was candle lit and adorned with a beautiful chandelier . I took Stacy by the hand and stood in front of the warm fireplace, where I got on bended knee and asked her to marry me. Stacy embraced me and through tears, gave me the yes that I longed to hear.

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Photographer:  Elizabeth Nord Photography / Event Planner: Citygirl Weddings & Events / Event Venue: Cocello Restaurant / Personal Stylist:Patrick Niles / Other:Rosemary Fanti