Stacy and Jay


How we Met

Jay and I met in the spring of 2010, when I went to his condo with my best friend (who was seeing his roommate at the time). My friend told me a bit about the roommates there, including Jay, who owned a photography studio. I had seen some of his photography work on Facebook so I was excited to meet him! I remember walking up the steps to his condo and seeing Jay through the window, doing the dishes. I had found out he was a bit older than the other roommates, but that didn’t cross my mind when I saw him through the window and saw how cute he was! There was a group of people there, all hanging out and having fun. I didn’t stay long, and Jay and I hadn’t said more than just a “hi” to each other before I left.

I had come back over a few times with my friend to hang out with everyone; I was a bit shy at the time so I hadn’t really had the guts to talk to Jay very much yet. I had once had a dream about him, and decided to tell him about it. I posted to his Facebook wall and wrote “I had a dream about you..”, but left it at that. He then had replied asking what the dream was about? At this point, I felt embarrassed for even saying anything, so I decided not to reply to him!  That drove him crazy! He messaged me multiple times asking if I was ever going to tell him. I felt even more dumb because the dream wasn’t anything cool, he just so happened to be in it. So once I finally told him, I could tell he was bugged that I hadn’t told him sooner! Now we have a good laugh about it

We started to talk and hang out more, and eventually started dating!  We dated for almost 4 years before getting married!

how they asked

Jay always likes to go above and beyond, especially when it comes to surprising me; so naturally Jay wanted this to be a surprise I would never forget. Jay has a friend (Danny) that helps produce shows and commercials, and decided to ask him for help. Jay told me that Danny had asked him to come be the Director of Photography for a commercial shoot they were doing for a barbecue sauce company, and then asked if I wanted to act as an “extra” as well.


A few days later, we headed up to the shoot. I acted as an extra in the shoot with two others, along with the owner of the barbecue sauce company.



We did many different takes, talking about the barbecue sauce, asking questions, etc., all while being filmed on camera and my husband taking pictures behind the scenes.


After about 3 hours of shooting, we started to shoot the last scene.



They started out with the owner of the company and one of the other extras. Their lines were: “Will you try some Snap Daddy’s Barbecue Sauce?”, to which the extra would reply, “Yes I will!”  Danny instructed me to come over and take the place of the other extra and to say the same line. After what felt like 100 different takes, changing the line, different accents, etc., Danny said they were ready to shoot the final shot. After the line “Will you try some Snap Daddy’s Barbecue Sauce?”, I start to say my line “Yes I will!”, and Jay steps into the scene with the ring in his hand, gets on one knee and asks me to marry him!


I was in shock! He had to remind me one more time, asking me what my line was, to which I laughed and said “Yes I will!”


All of a sudden, a violinist came out playing “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera, my favorite play! It was so beautiful and a day I will cherish forever!



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