Stacy and Austin

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How We Met

We actually met at the Houston Rodeo Cook Off! If you’re from Houston, you know it’s one of the biggest events of the year! There are live bands, all you can eat and drink. It’s a party for sure! After everyone was done eating and the band started, there was one man who wasn’t afraid to get the dance floor started. Everyone kind of watching in envy i decided to join this random stranger. After a couple awkward dance off moved, everyone was dancing! He told his parents that night he met his future wife and he told his best friend he would marry me some day. We dated ever since!

how they asked

We had been dating just about two years. My mom had been in the hospital for a few months, so we planned a spontaneous and quick get away weekend to the beach to try to relax and recharge and Simply put our toes in the sand. We normally plan one DATENIGHT on trips to dress up a little nicer. Being a server before, I hate when restaurants seat us at the worst table when the restaurant is empty. When we were sat down at dinner they put us at a table in the corner where you couldn’t even see the beach and we were literally the only people in there. I’ve asked my husband to move at a bad table a few times in our past…ok maybe it’s a running joke. But is it too much to ask for a view of the beach when in Mexico for only two days? This time being DATENIGHT I decided not to ask. He actually excused himself and got up, I figured to go have us moved… I felt immediately bad that i had let it show on my face. The manager came and got me soon later without him and brought me outside to “our new table”. He was standing next to the most beautiful set up I have ever seen and that’s when it hit me what was happening! I would have never expected him to take a ring outside of the country so I was completely surprised! It was so much fun to celebrate just us that night before returning home to all our family and friends the next day! It really allowed us to just soak it all in together! I quickly asked if my family knew and he said he had made a special trip to the hospital to ask my mom permission a week ago, along with askin my dad months before. We’ve been married one year now and just as happy as ever. I love sharing our special story!

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