Stacy and Andrew

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How We Met

Stacy and I met via mutual friends way back in 2006 then reconnected in 2012 with a mutual love for the Hunger Games. We started dating shortly thereafter.

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Stacy and I are both graduates of Montclair State University. When I met Stacy, she had just accepted a position at the University working in the Alumni Relations Office. A few years later, I came back to Montclair State in a position in Student Development and Campus Life.

We currently live in Little Falls, NJ with our turtle, Leo and cat, Rick O’Shea.

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how they asked

Since Stacy and I have such a strong connection with Montclair State, I knew I had to include the University somehow. One of my many tasks at my current position on campus is helping with our mascot, Rocky the Red Hawk. I put two-and-two together and decided to do a Rocky the Red Hawk mascot proposal.

With the help of my coworkers, I was able to suit up and make it over to her building on campus. We pretended the mascot was going to her office to hand out some lollipops to “cheer people up on a Monday.” When I got to her desk I put the basket of lollipops down and opened up a ring box instead.

She was absolutely floored. It took her a while to even register what was going on and respond to my “Will You Marry Me?” question. Luckily she said yes!

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