Stacy and Al


How We Met

Al and I met by fate, having waited many years to find each other and feel what we both felt when it finally happened. I know love at first sight is not always believed in, or acknowledged, but I can honestly say that it was for us, and then some.

I was living in Vegas working as a cocktail waitress in the bingo room at a local casino at the time and Al was living in Illinois. His parents had retired to Vegas many years ago, and by fate, they chose my casino to be regular patrons at. I first met Al in 2010, when he was visiting family and he came in to play bingo. My world stopped and got a little clearer. I can’t even begin to explain the depths of my feelings that came about. We said hello, stared at each other, and I could feel his heart already mine. I could feel he felt the same. I could feel my future with him. I wasn’t sure how, when, or where but knew he was it for me!

After numerous visits to Vegas over the next two years to see his family and him popping into my work only for a few hours was hard. I was not in a position to explore my feelings for him, but my heart did long for him. We had a few mutual friends, so we would catch each other out every once in awhile, but never really had the chance to have some alone time, except for one night. We stayed up all night and into the morning, laughing, talking and trying to figure out how we can be together. We didn’t care how fast this had to be, or even second guessed ourselves or feelings.

After that night, Al had to leave to go back to Illinois. We hadn’t made any set plans, cause let’s be real, who just packs up and moves across the country to start a relationship and live with someone you have only spent 12hours of continuous talking with and not much before that?! Well I do I guess; and it was hard, it was scary, it was crazy, but it was RIGHT!

I arrived in Illinois February 21st 2012, with no belongings other than my clothes pretty much, nothing but my whole heart and self to give. The rest was history! We had our goods, our bads, our greats, but always had each other and our special love we shared since the first day to carry us to where we are today! He is my best friend and my rock!

how they asked

We always come to Williams Tree Farm to cut our own tree. Al is such a sweetheart for letting me enjoy my favorite time of year and doing ALL the festive things. This was our third year here and the most special. As we pulled in, Al drove around and looked for a good patch of trees for us get out and walk around in. After finding our patch of White Pines, the hunt was on! After 15 minutes of, Yahhhs? Maybes? Wait, what about that one?!, we found OUR tree for Christmas! As per tradition, we always take turns cutting the tree. Al went first as I snapped a couple pictures, then he said, “Your turn babe!” I go to grab the saw and he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him!! I had a feeling come over me that felt familiar, much like the first time we met. I knew he was my soulmate and I knew it was YES and always YES!! To my surprise, in between my happy tears and screaming is this real, a photographer came from around the tree and had captured our special moment! Al always seems to surprise me with his heart and how much detail he puts into making things special not just for me, but for US! I can’t wait to marry this man of mine and always cherish his love and his beautiful spirit.

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